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Into – Association for Outreach Youth Work and Workshop Activities

Everyone has the right to participate in society and enjoy a good everyday life. Into helps those working in outreach youth work and workshops find inspiration and also inspire others. The young people and adults participating in the services receive support for finding their own path. Outreach youth work and workshops allow everyone to live a life that feels like their own.

Everyone has a passion for something!

Into represents over 270 workshops and 500 outreach youth workers in Finland. Outreach youth work and workshops employ almost 2,500 professionals in total. More than 47,000 young people and adults participate in the services every year.

Workshops in Finland

  • Operate in over 90% of Finland’s municipalities.
  • Advance the workshop participants’ path into education and employment in a goal-oriented fashion.
  • Support the participants’ engagement and management of everyday life.
  • Focus on effective and multi-disciplinary co-operation between employment services, education services, youth services, social services and healthcare.
  • Combine individual coaching, job tasks that strengthen the participants’ skills and peer support.

Material in english

Effective Workshops 2018

Workshop pedagogy. Pedagogic principles of coaching in workshops