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What is outreach youth work?

Outreach youth work is a form of specialised youth work. Its goal is to reach young people under 29 years of age that are outside education or working life and need support to get the services they need. Outreach youth work offers them early support, if they decide to accept it, and strengthens their preparedness to move forward in life. For young people, participation is always voluntary. Outreach youth workers are where young people are, offering them opportunities for safe, confidential encounters with adults. They help young people find answers to their problems and questions and assist them in finding the services they want and need.

There are outreach youth workers in nearly every municipality in Finland, and their work is supported by state subsidies. Although municipalities may place outreach youth work under different administrative sectors (e.g. youth work, social work or employment services), it is still a form of specialised youth work.  Outreach youth work provides young people with early support and strengthens their ability to move forward in life. Outreach youth work is regulated by the Youth Act (1285/2016) (in Finnish).